The characteristics of Bluetooth

         Bluetooth can achieve data transmission speed of 1Mb / s. Bluetooth supports data transfer speeds up to 720 Kbps in the range of 10 meters. Unlike infrared connection (IrDA), Bluetooth is a scalar and using 2.4 GHz spectrum.
      power consumption low, allowing applications in a variety of devices, including handheld devices and mobile phones.
    Low price (the price of a Bluetooth chip is decreasing).
    distance communication allows:

+ The distance between two terminals can be up to 10 meters and 5 meters outside the building.
+ Gap terminal and the access point can be up to 100m outdoors and 30m indoors.
    Bluetooth uses the 2.4GHz spectrum range registration ISM band. Speed data transmission can reach a maximum 1Mbps (by using high frequency) that the devices do not need to take each other directly.

    Easy application development: an application Bluetooth connection with another application via the standard Bluetooth profiles ", which may be independent of hardware and operating system used.
   Bluetooth is used in data communications and said there are 3 channels to transmit voice as 7 channels for transmitting data in a private network.
   Safety and security: integrated with authentication and encryption.
   High compatibility, many hardware manufacturers and software support.


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