Bluetooth History

    Bluetooth name (meaning "blue teeth")  is the name of the king of Denmark - Harald I Bluetooth (Danish Harald Blaatand who unified Sweden and Norway, the Vikings known about the ability to help people be able to communicate and negotiate with each other. The time of the initial era of Bluetooth wireless technology, Bluetooth has a unified meaning the computer industry and telecommunications. Perhaps the researchers have used this to emphasize the design can be exchanged, connect with each other without depending on the type of machine or manufacturer.

       Bluetooth is a standard short-range wireless connectivity, designed to connect personal devices or small local network, within the frequency band from 2.4 GHz to 2485. Bluetooth is designed to operate on a single frequency 79. When connected, it will automatically find the frequency to move to a compatible device to connect the region to ensure continuity. It is designed to connect low-level to three different classes of propagation can maneuver to the farthest possible. Typically, the current mobile phone using Bluetooth in the 2nd grade, with 2.5 miliWatt intensity (mW) and only 35 feet range (about 12 meters down again). While the first coat up to 100 feet (over 30m) with up to 100 mW intensity.

  1994: The first Ericsson launched a project to unify communication between all kinds of different electronic devices without using cables connected to the cumbersome and complex. This is essentially a wireless radio network is only a short distance using a 9mm sized chip that can transfer the radio signal control alternative to cable driver confusion.
  1998: five largest companies worldwide including: Ericsson, Nokia, IBM, Intel and Toshiba have links, cooperation and design and development on a standard wireless technology, called the newBluetooth technology to connect micro-electronics devices together using radio waves.
  Date 05/20/1998: Team Special Interest Group - SIG was formally established with the aim of developing Bluetooth technology on the telecommunications market. Any company that plans to use Bluetooth technology can join.
  July 1999: The SIG experts gave technical explanations Bluetooth version 1.0.
  2000: SIG has added four new members are 3Com, Lucent Technologies, Microsoft and Motorolar . Bluetooth technology has been granted certification marks in the technique was first released. The specifications developed by the Bluetooth SIG is open and free on site and has over 2100 Companies worldwide use. Technology Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) based on Bluetooth is now under the name IEEE 802.15 WPANs.
  Năm 2001: Bluetooth 1.1 ra đời cùng với bộ Bluetooth sofware development kit – XTNDAccess Blue SDK, đánh dấu bước phát triển chưa từng có của công nghệ Bluetooth trên nhiều lĩnh vực khác nhau với sự quan tâm của nhiều nhà sản xuất mới. Bluetooth được bình chọn là công nghệ vô tuyến tốt nhất trong năm.
  July 2002: Bluetooth SIG establish a global headquarters in Overland ParkKansas,USA. 2002 marks the advent of computer-generation Apple Bluetooth support. Soon thereafter Bluetooth also be set on a Macintosh with Mac OS OXS. Bluetooth allows sharing files between Mac, synchronize and share contact information between Palm, access the Internet through mobile phones that support Bluetooth (Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, ...).
         May 2003: CSR (Cambridge Silicon Radio) launched a new Bluetooth chip with the ability to integrate easy and more affordable. This contributes to the generation born motherboard integrated Bluetooth, reducing the price difference between the mainboard and without a Bluetooth cellphone.May 11/2003 Bluetooth 1.2 product line was born. Cahners In-Stat Organization predicts that Bluetooth products will add up to 1 billion.
        In 2004: the mobile phone companies continue to exploit this exciting market by releasing the next generation mobile phones newer Bluetooth (N7610, N6820, N6230). Motorola Bluetooth products for his debut. Bluetooth products continued to be promoted and launched a strong program "Operatiton Blueshock" International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) inLas Vegasdated 9/1/2004.
      Ngày 6/1/2004: Trong hội nghị Bluetooth CES (Consumer  Electronics Show) ở LasVegas, tổ chức Bluetooth SIG thông báo số thành viên của mình đã đạt con số 3000, trở thành tổ chức có số thành viên đông đảo thuộc nhiều lĩnh vực công nghệ: từ máy móc tự động đến thiết bị y tế, PC đến điện thoại di động, tất cả đều sử dụng kỷ thuật không dây tầm ngắn trong sản phẩm của họ.
       Bluetooth is a relatively fast pace of development with the ability to increasingly diverse applications, as calculated by market research firm Frost & Sulivan, in 2001 with 4.2 million products using Bluetooth technology put on the market, this number will increase to 1:01 billion in 2006.
       2008:  Bluetooth 3.0 release supports data transfer speeds up to 24Mbps, and intended primarily for audio applications and file sharing. Can say this is the 10th birthday of Bluetooth, no wireless technology that developed so rapidly, within 10 years has reached over 2 billion application products .
       2009:  The latest version of the Bluetooth SIG organization has been through, but other than Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth 4.0 latest version is available for applications in the medical field, health care and security. The marketing director Anders Edlund of the Bluetooth SIG 4.0 is primarily designed for application health and medical care, such as a wristwatch to monitor the health, or equipped with sensors for temperature, heart rate , sports, and other equipment used at home.
      2010: The Bluetooth has been put into the computer to connect between computers and telephone or computer, the computer company and the phone has launched a series of computer generations, different phone has a range of applications is higher. Overall this is the stage where the Bluetooth technology in computer development with the advent of the computer generation of Bluetooth connectivity. Thus not only the application of Bluetooth in mobile to share data now we can connect two computers together to exchange data access without wires cab.

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