Switch the font for all text files

To accomplish this conversion, you can use older software Unikey 3:55 and do the following:
    Unikey running, press the three key combination Ctrl + Shift + F6 . You need to convert the file open, choose File> Save As ..., select the extensions of Rich Text Format to store the format *. rtf . Then you go to the Unikey window, select the source table is TCVN3 (ABC) corresponds to the original text file is coded. VnTime . Encoding the destination you choose is VNI Windows to convert into text with a code that VNI-Times , selected for conversion into Unicode text
the code is Times New Roman. Then you select where the source file and destination file. Important Note that you must add. Rtf files to the destination must have the extension *. rtf . Finally you click transcoding, the process of implementation of the conversion takes place very quickly, only a few seconds to complete.After that, you do need to transfer save files in formats including *. doc Word's default.


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