Bluetooth concept.

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows electronic devices, electronic communication with each other in short distances, using radio waves through the general ISM bands (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) in the range floor 2:40 to 2:48 GHz. and capable of transmitting voice and data.

    Scope of operation of Bluetooth devices is 10 meters. Bluetooth data transfer rate of 1 Mbps, 3 and 8 times faster than the average speed of parallel and serial ports respectively . This is the band range no registration is reserved for use with wireless devices in industry, science and health.
     Bluetooth is designed to replace cables purposes between computers and personal communications devices, wireless connections between electronic devices together with a convenient low price.
    When activated Bluetooth can automatically locate other devices that share technology in the area around and start connecting with them. It is oriented to the use of voice and data transmission.

 Bluetooth wireless technology is a standard practice, for small devices, low-cost, short-wave links between mobile PCs, mobile phones and the computers together. Bluetooth Special Interest Group is an organization consisting of leading companies in telecommunications, computer and network industry is trying to develop this technology and provides extensive on the market.
       Bluetooth is a technology that enables communication between devices together without cables or wires. Bluetooth low energy consumption and low cost, although its speed much slower than Wi-Fi wireless network. Apple has equipped with Bluetooth function supported on Macs for many years their ability to activate the device works with a wireless keyboard and mouse support Bluetooth, syncing data with mobile phones ( phones) and personal equipment to support PDAs, printers that print with Bluetooth support and connect to other devices.

        Bluetooth has faced escalating battle with PC makers, but conversely, Bluetooth technology is the "little darling" of the cellphone maker because the vast majority of phones have Bluetooth support as well as wireless headset devices. In the future, new versions of Bluetooth technology will continue to grow larger in many areas


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