Vietnam bulk ISPs to block Facebook?

Facebook has over a million users in Vietnam
Facebook users of high sensory and social work affiliate network in Vietnam is blocked again, this time by various companies internet service provider (ISP).
30/12 noon next Thursday, on Facebook overwhelming message in English about the ISP, such as Viettel, FPT, and the first time both VNPT, has blocked access to users, and shared experiences " exceed the equivalent. "
However, some known "trick" as repaired or changed DNS proxy parameters also have no effect.
Late last year, Facebook users in Vietnam also have problems in retrieving update, causing speculation that the common use of this website may be prohibited in Vietnam like China.
Especially when there is information on social networks to link the birth of Vietnam, the Vietnamese community Facebooker the more muscle to the teeth, Facebook will be less and less land in the country.
Notification is not currently available from state management agencies as well as from companies internet service providers about this new phase difficult.
Last year, after too many complaints, the main ISP FPT in Vietnam is said that this is a technical error but no policy to prevent Facebook.
FPT wrote in a letter to BBC At the same time: "Since the DNS system problems, most ISPs in Vietnam are the same condition, which is why Facebook is difficult or not accessible."
On the means of mass communication, the Ministry of Information and Communications has also denied ordering the ISP to prevent Facebook.


With over one million users and growing numbers, Facebook is one of many social networks are today's most visitors in Vietnam.
The company has ever offered to have representatives in Vietnam to develop this potential market.
Meanwhile, readers in the country also said a few days now, visiting the site, some foreign press in English, the site has, difficulties.
E-mail messages sent to the BBC about evenly distributed to many that this would involve having the Communist Party Congress XI th Vietnam upcoming in Hanoi in mid 1 / 2011.
Earlier this month, Communist Party Politburo and Minister of Public Security of Vietnam issued Directive for ensuring the safety and security for the XI Congress, is expected to be held from 12/01-19/01/2011.
XI Party Congress with the participation of 1400 delegates representing the 3.6 million Communist Party members in the country. 150 foreign journalists have registered to Vietnam to track events.

When angry community Facebook

All day yesterday (30/12), the online community Facebook tumultuous Vietnam because their house is suddenly not on, although measures have been modified to use DNS, firewall traversal.
Photo courtesy Me Nam's Blog
Slogans against blocking access to Facebook in Vietnam posted on her blog Mushrooms.
Facebook is blocked once the incident has really made the residents of communities in Vietnam angry.They were determined to act to regain Facebook. Khanh An understanding and reporting.

Not losing Facebook

No appointment that met only the day 30/12, a series of online community residents raised the same idea is to take action to reclaim the rights to their collective house is the social networking site Facebook. 
We want peace, we have concessions. But the more we compromise, as the Internet advances, because they are determined to block Facebook's me again.
You Lee Minh
On the Facebook page called "depression and memory, Facebook blocked the electricity is off", the netizens unstinting criticism block Facebook action, many people on many forums of the protests Facebook to reclaim Facebook.  
You Lee Minh wrote: "We want peace, we have concessions. But the more we compromise, as the Internet advances, because they are determined to block Facebook's me again. No! We would rather sacrifice all, but definitely not take Facebook, definitely not be slaves to other social networks. Facebook now has to save. I have to sacrifice the last drop of blood, to keep Facebook ".
The same idea, Facebook's Power group called the community network to Facebook Vietnam protests this weekend. Meanwhile, the bloggers call Mother Mushroom hanging on his Facebook page with content: "You pay to use Internet services, you are entitled to their right to be served. WE HAVE TO LOG IN NORMAL FACEBOOK! "
Can see the wrath of netizens has reached its peak when their legal rights are infringed upon in a violent and this is not the first social networking site Facebook is blocked. 
Previously, residents only need to change the network DNS or use some tools beyond the firewall can easily use Facebook. But this time, you Tri Dung said in Vietnamese:
"With me, Facebook has previously blocked it, but not thoroughly blocked. This round of the Party Congress, people relatively new to thoroughly block Facebook and people are complaining. "
Level of "radical" in blocking Facebook, as told by the netizens, was the provider compliance seriously, and not half as last time. You use a child 
Facebook in many different locations, said:
"Some of today is not on Facebook, using both networks under VNPT has always been home not to be, this meal in Saigon on the network using FTP is not to be always. Must use this program beyond the firewall, but it has at no time was, almost from the application of these methods are ever more ineffective. "
Facebook page titled "Facebook is blocked memory, depression, and electricity was cut." Screen capture.
Even the shop is very flexible net capital in network access issues to help our customers the way this was no solution to their god. Dung said: 
"The first round of the other net stores your DNS is changed to be impartial, but in the second day, all net shop in the city which they come, are not to be, only 1, 2 in Mini fine. I was running around the city then. "
The cause of the waves a hand to block Facebook was this? Most netizens are Facebook doubt this is one of the campaign squash the rebellion before the upcoming party congress. One of the Facebook population analysis:
"Two weeks back that the papers Luan Dan, Dan ... has blocked journalists from before, now to Facebook, the place looks like something a campaign, it seems that way."

Inhibit sympathetic

However, not everyone thinks this is the main reason, though undeniable that the block will help prevent the Facebook link, empathy between the members of the same opinion in a "margin" on the network Vietnam's largest society of this. 
People think so but Quynh Quynh think it's time to start tightening their freedom of information, not Congress, the same can be said.
Blogger Mom Mushrooms

According to blogger Mother Mushroom, even when no party congress, Facebook can still be blocked as usual.
"People think so, but Quynh Quynh think it's time to start tightening their freedom of information, not Congress, the same can be said."
Meanwhile, answering questions about Vietnam have blocked some sites Facebook and other social networks, Foreign Ministry spokesman Nguyen Phuong Nga Sunday 3 / 12 saying that "Internet in Vietnam by the State to create conditions developing convenient and powerful. "
Regardless of the official answer how, when confronted with a fact that most Internet users in Vietnam Facebook blocked simultaneously, the online community really angry. They're determined to help each other in the "house" of his. On the main page of most of the teams are thorough instructions on Facebook by the way new tools such as Lisp4, hotspot Shield ... and the school also expressed determination to learn the method beyond the firewall. Dung said:
"I actually Facbook is very important for his work in his small business, communicate their very limited.Facebook is highly interactive, online contact friends so easily determined what I have to type on Facebook for it. I then technology is its very stupid but because Facebook is very important to what I should type you must also learn to overcome firewall, so I think that it is not too difficult. "
Vietnamese Facebook page, previous photos.
Do not just stop at finding, exploring new methods for on Facebook, many groups also called on demonstrators to go online and demonstrations in the offices of internet service providers. A member named "Beauty Cosmetics" wrote: "We vehemently condemn the network involved in campaigns to stress the situation on the Internet! Called for FPT, EVN, VNPT, Viettel to sit down and negotiate the return of sovereignty to facebook! " 
Meanwhile, blogger Mother Mushroom with some friends expected the network to send complaint to protect their legitimate interests. 
"This is not the first time Facebook is blocked. This was a bit rough and it affects so many ordinary people should Quynh want to point out to people that I might be recovered. Quynh will no contractual basis for internet use, it has some provisions, then the individual's Quynh Quynh and some people used to send the complaint to force people to answer in writing is what Facebook is Blocked? Because I do not guarantee their rights, then we must first wait for a reply was written, then calculate the new Quynh direction. Quynh Quynh will think in terms of legal claims in real as "the right to ensure that information of internet users" can not be guaranteed. "  
Most people who use Facebook have said that the block Facebook entirely effective, if any, for political objectives. Even, it can cause adverse effects in populations are inherently variable is only used to Facebook to play games, exchange friend, now you have the opportunity to learn more about the causes as well as the left point back to block Facebook and other political issues relevant. In addition, the ability to "Explosion" is entirely possible.

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