How to access Facebook

4 ways to access Facebook (update on 01.09.2011)- Adding an effective way for teens to use Windows and Mac.
There are still a lot of you have difficulty accessing or FB but can not access the image up or can not use the applications. Online HHT would add a pretty effective way to remedy this situation:
Use one of the following proxies for Web browsers: - Port :8080 - Port :80 - Port :8080 - Port :8080 - Port :80 - Port :3128 - Port :80 - Port :3128 - Port :8080 - Port :8085 - Port :3128 - Port :80 - Port :3128 - Port :3128 - Port :8080 - Port :3128
Filling Proxy for browsing:
Teen use Windows:
*FirefoxGo to tools> Options ... Choose Advanced> Network. Click nutSettings in theConnection. Select Manual proxy configuration. Then enter one of the proxies on theproxy hhtp. Note the correct filling of the proxy port of your choice. Finally tick the Usethis proxy server for all protocols and one OK button to finish.
* Internet Explorer : You click on  Tools  at the top right corner or press Alt + X, select  Internet Options> Connections> LAN Settings.  Then tick the Use a proxy server for your LAN (...)  and then fill parameters of the proxy in the box below. Click OK to finish.
Teen use Mac:
*FirefoxYour Firefox menu> Preferences ... or use the shortcut Command +, Select AdvancedNetwork, then follow the steps like the Windows..
*SafariYou go to Safari menu> Preferences ... or use the shortcut Command +, ChooseAdvanced> Change Settings in the Network. Tick on the Web proxy (HTTP) and then fill in the number of proxy in the box to the right. Click OK to finish.
So you can go to FB though normal speed can be a bit slower, depending on the proxy that you choose. You should note that this proxy is not high age, often unstable and can die at any time. HHT Online will occasionally update new proxy for you instead.

Also you can refer to 1 in 4 say this way:
1. Backup server using Facebook:
Access your address  to login to FB, if you want to use games or other applications, then add the link  front . For example 
This gives you access FB relatively quickly and safely but a bit annoying having to manually enter the path manually and upload the photos.

2. Adjust the information when connecting hosts FB
Teen * For Windows:
Bạn mở file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts bằng Notepad
Add the last line the following link: Photos
Then restart the browser can access the FB. This allows you to upload photos, change avatar as usual.

Teen * For Mac users:
You open the Mac's Terminal application from the path  Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.
Enter the following command:
sudo nano  private etc hosts
Mac asks you to enter your password to confirm the account administrator, if you do not set your login password, you must install the  System Preferences> Accounts
Content hosts file is opened and you fill in the last paragraph links: Photos
Press  Ctrl + o  to save  and Ctrl + x  to exit.
Then enter the following command into the Terminal window:
dscacheutil -flushcache
Close the terminal window and restart the web browser you can access the FB as usual.

3. UltraSurf software
You download the software  here.
This ensures 100% but will make your line slower.
4. Using Auto Hide Ip Software
You can download trial versions  here.
Similar UltraSurf, you'll see your line is not as fast as before.


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