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Google supports data migration between platforms blog

Google has introduced an open source project is very useful to be expected for a long time user - Google Blog Converters project. This is a tool that can convert bloggers blog from this platform to other platforms easily. 

This is not only a tool to help bloggers can change the blog platform is using, but in many cases, is the only solution to the ultimate "rebirth" of the blog seemed they were "outdated."
Currently, there are many systems to build and publish maintain blogs. Some software, the platform also enables users to run on the server separately. But if you want to change the "infrastructure", in other words, converting from the platform to other platforms with the same database, then this is now almost impossible.Although these solutions also have certain barriers to the transition to a new publishing system is quite a lot.
Google Blog converters is the development team (Data Liberation team) Google's announcement on the blog specializes in open-source array of giants in the field of search. This is a promising tool to solve problems in the process of converting data between blogging platform. The development team has introduced a collection of libraries and scripts, written in Python, can convert between formats of the LiveJournal, Movable Type, WordPress and Google's own Blogger service.
This means, any user can also convert a file exported into a new format is compatible with other blogging systems, allows data to be able to enter the new system. This action enables users to switch to Google's own services easily, and, of course, give it up.
You need to have enough skills to run the Python script to use this technology. But work will soon become easier when the script is hosted on Google App Engine, Google's own services to run Web-based applications written in Python. Users can utilize the tools available to achieve this goal. For example, here are some conversion tools are available:
  1. Blogger sang WordPress
  2. WordPress sang Blogger
  3. LiveJournal sang Blogger
The next version promises to support the data format of BlogML  and have a tool that can sync with the blog service thanks to an API to access data without additional input-output capabilities.
Google added features on the export-import data into Blogger in December last year. This is one of the moves by giants in the field to search under the slogan of the company (do not be evil - do not be evil!) With the promise of "unlock" the user data!
Reference source code here. 
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