Instructions for installing 6.5.1 VMware software

VMware Workstation is virtual machine software for creating professional, support more functions than the software industry such as Virtual PC 2007, VitualBox, ...

Is actually a virtual machine software that runs on the current operating system on it (called the host operating system), it will create a computer "to" completely so that we can set up a different operating system (called a guest OS - Guest OS) and run as if running from their own computer. So we can run Linux in Windows, or Windows Vista in Windows XP, ... easily. We can just work with the host operating system, while they can "work" with the guest operating system.
This is a software for those who want to test new software without affecting Windows is using.

VMware Workstation is a new point in the document can be copied back and forth between real and virtual machines, support USB 2.0, displaying a virtual operating system through multiple tabs in a window (like Tab Web browser.)
System requirements: 733MHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 1GB HDD space for each virtual machine is created.
VMware Workstation allows users to:
- Set up and test the multi-layer applications, application updates and patches for operating systems on one PC only.
- Easy restore, and share the test environment are stored; minimize duplication and setting time settings.
- Makes learning on the computer more convenient because students are always using the machine with the status of "clean" and experiment with multiple operating systems and application tools on the virtual machine safety and independence.
- Run software demos set with complex or layered on a laptop Increase the speed of solving problems for end users based on a library of virtual machines are built.
1. Installing VMware Workstation: VMware virtual machine to simulate a real computer. After installing VMware, you can create virtual machines that share CPU, RAM, network card with a real computer. This allows building a system with a few computers were connected by a certain model, users can create their own system, the configuration at the request of the unit.
How to install VMware Workstation 6.5.1 like the other software titles:
- Chạy tập tin VMware-workstation.exe

- Welcome dialog box appears. Choose Next to continue
- Setup Type dialog box appears. Select settings Typical (using the default setting). Choose Next to continue 
- Destination Folder dialog box says the program installation folder. Can choose different installation folder by clicking the Change button .... Choose Next to continue
- Configure Shortcuts dialog box allows the program to create shortcuts ( desktop : the desktop, Start Menu : Start Menu, Quick Launch : Quick launch bar). Choose Next to continue
- Select Install to install the program
- Registration Information dialog to enter user name, agency name, and enter the Serial Number (as shown below for the version 6.5.1). Choose Enter to continue.

- Select Finish to complete.

- Khởi động lại máy tính, tại hội thoại License Agreement chọn Yes, I accept the terms in the license agreement để xác nhận. Chọn OK để tiếp tục.
- Display results 
 Such a program has been installed.


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