Caterpillar: A Horror Story

What if the world was faced with destruction, someone wanted to salvage and transplant the biosphere, but humanity had not clue one as to what was happening? Salvation would not be a fun experience. Caitlin Kingsley is a girl come of age, living in the forests at the foot of the Appalachians. Her stepfather is abusive, her mother a suicide, her selfless aunt her only anchor in life, and the love of her life the untouchable deputy sheriff of Brighton County. And then arrives the night of the green meteors, and the caterpillars contained within them, death machines that render Caitlin a veritable goddess and the struggle to unravel the confusion and mystery of her existence a living hell.
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                                    Caterpillar: A Horror Story – 337 pages, 1.13MB (PDF)


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